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Questions buyers should ask a mortgage lender

Questions For Mortgage Lender

There is a lot more to the mortgage process than getting a good rate. High

costs in fees and poor service can come as very unhappy surprises.

Here’s a list of suggested questions you might ask a lender:

• How large is your company, and how long has it been in business?

• Are you a licensed mortgage broker or loan officer in Texas?

• Is your company a mortgage banker or a mortgage broker? (A banker

lends its own funds; a broker searches mortgage sources and arranges for

you to receive financing from the lending entity.)

• What is the name, phone number, and e-mail address of the person who

will actually be processing my loan application? How accessible is that


• Tell me about all loan fees. What fees must I pay up front? What fees will I

have to pay at closing?

• How can you assure me I won’t pay any unnecessary “add-on” fees?

• Do the costs you are quoting include the lender origination fee?

• Are there loans available with no origination fees? No closing costs?

Reduced closing costs?

• What are your interest rates?

• Is there a fee to lock in my interest rate? How long can I lock in the rate? If

interest rates go down, can I relock at the lower rate? If so, will there be a

fee for that?

• What information must I provide to get a mortgage loan?

• What documentation will I have to provide?

• Will you require current tax returns? (Take note of this especially between

Jan. 1 and April 15 if you haven’t prepared your return yet.)

• How long will it take to get complete and unequivocal loan approval and be

ready to close?

• I plan to stay in this house for ___ years. Can you show me the breakdown

of any ARM loans you offer vs. fixed-rate loans to see which could save me

the most money in my situation?

• What is private mortgage insurance? Other than a 20% downpayment,

how can I avoid the private mortgage insurance?

• In the last three months, how many loan applications have you taken and

how many have you been unable to close?

• Can you give me names and phone numbers of two or three people for

whom you’ve funded loans in the last two months?

Currently, Texas-licensed mortgage brokers must use the standard

Conditional Qualification and Conditional Approval letters when representing

that an applicant is prequalified or preapproved for a mortgage loan.

Mortgage bankers may be required to do so in the future.

How do you decide which lender is best for you?

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